domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

Saturday (Second part)

Después fuimos al Planetario donde se hacía el Festival Buen Día. Había música en vivo, comida y diferentes cosas para comprar (sobre todo para mujer). Las gorras customizadas me encantaron!

Then we went to the planetarium because there was a festival called "Buen Día" ("Good Day"). There was live music, food and different things to buy (especially for women). I really like the customized hats!

6 comentarios:

Jenna dijo...

I am with you, those hats are so cool! I feel inspired now... thank you! :)

jane dijo...

A perfect day! :)

Katrine Ny dijo...

Thanks for your comment! I think my last corrections made it all better, but now I'm finished and it feels very good! Yaaay! :)
That planetarium building looks great, wow!

Schanett dijo...

I would like going to this bakery and to the festival as well!
you had a good weekend!!

outi dijo...

looks like you had a great weekend:)
i like that kind of bakery too..

brinja dijo...

Wow everything looks so cosy, Nice photos!