jueves, 2 de abril de 2009

Free Day

Hoy no trabajé. Llovió. Definitivamente llegó el otoño. Usé mi campera por primera vez en el año.

I didn't work today, it's a public holiday in Argentina. It rained. We took a walk. Definitely autumn is here. I used my jacket for the first time in the year.

7 comentarios:

jane dijo...

Fantastic shots! Have a great weekend!

outi dijo...

it´s so funny to think you are having autumn there while we are finally turning to spring.. i had my spring jacket the first time on today!

Ljn.- dijo...

me encanta tu blog... sobre todo q le
saques fotos a cosas simples, como
un cafecito humeante.
besos dsd mdq

nathalie et cetera dijo...

lucky you! I want a day off too! :)
well now it's the weekend. Have a good one!

epe dijo...

Jane: I hope you have a sunny weekend!
Outi: In a few weeks I will be jealous of your spring! Enjoy it!
Ljn: que bueno tener comentarios de gente nueva, de mi país y que encima le gusten mis fotos! te mando un beso grande! :)
Nathalie: Yes,always sounds good to have a day off! I wish you a happy weekend!

Schanett dijo...

yesterday I watched the Argentine film "lluvia" and it was raining from the beginning to the end! only in the last 3 minutes it stopped...
is it typical for your country that it's often raining?

mette/ungt blod dijo...