lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

Un año atrás (one year ago) - II

Segunda escala: Barcelona / Second stop: Barcelona
1- Nuestra primera comida: increible! (our first meal in the city: incredible!). 2- Cosmo Caixa. 3- Vivero municipal Tres Pins en el Montjuic (municipal nursery Tres Pins at Montjiuc). 4- la vista desde la casa de nuestros amigos en el Raval (the view from our friends house in the Raval). 5- Cosmo Caixa. We love Barcelona!

4 comentarios:

Maria dijo...

wow, would be great to do the dishes on the roof! :)

Ritva dijo...

great views!

epe dijo...

Maria: yes, would be fantastic! thanks for commenting! :)
Ritva: i’m glad you like them!

when skies are grey dijo...

So many nice things to see here. And yes, the rooftop sink, what a view!