jueves, 19 de marzo de 2009

Un año atrás (3° escala: Italia) / One year ago (3°stop: Italy)

After a few days in Barcelona, we flew to Pisa and visited some cities in Italy. Ohh, the coffee... so delicious!

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Anónimo dijo...

chica afortunada
nice nice nice!

nathalie et cetera dijo...

lucky you! it seems like a wonderful trip!

Nazara dijo...

vaya! menudos viajes te pegas! qué mal vives haha
te gustó Italia??
a donde tengo muchísimas ganas de volver es a sudamérica... siempre he querido vivir allá.

jane dijo...

These are gorgeous!

Ritva dijo...

i agree with jane.

Schanett dijo...

I found a new nice blog!!!

I'm an italy fan as well!!
love the coffee and many other things about this country!

Nathalie Nierengarten dijo...

thanks for making me find your blog. you make really beautiful fotografs :) i'm french and i never was in barcelona. i think it's time this summer!!

:) for the caroussel!