domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

Movie time

My choices this weekend:
1- Import/Export (Ulrich Seidl)
2- Encounters at the End of the World (Werner Herzog)
3- Interiors (Woody Allen)
All differents but all great movies. The "old" W. Allen is fantastic, Herzog is one of my favourites directors but Seidl was a great discovery.
What have you been watching?

ps. Thank you for you nice comments about my new camera, it's a Canon EOS Rebel XSi /EOS 450D.

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Anónimo dijo...

Oh, movie time! I have never seen any of those movies but I hope you had a great time watching them!:) This weekend I have only watched one movie called 'Meenaxi: a tale of three cities'. It's hindi movie, I like them a lot!:)

Vir dijo...

Hola Epe! Aquí como es verano la cartelera es un verdadero desastre y no voy mucho al cine... Este fin de semana, como estaba totalmente metida en el "espíritu Austen" he visto "Pride & Prejudice" en DVD, pero nada de cine. También soy muy fan de Woody Allen y suelo ver una y otra vez sus pelis antiguas, y hace poco que descubrí a Herzog en una recopilación de cortos que me gustó mucho. Pero de Seild no tenía ni idea, gracias por la sugerencia!

Cris Siqueira dijo...

i spend my weekend wacthing movies too!!

hope you have a great week

janis dijo...

So many new posts, I need to catch up!

I haven't been watching any old films lately, but I am really looking forward to the new movie coming out with Audry Tatou about Coco Channel.

Congratulations on your new camera!!!

danica dijo...

the still from the seidl film has really intrigued me! and yes to woody allen - it's a shame that he hasn't made a good film in a while, but i still like the oldies.

PROVINS dijo...

Just saw "away we go" The new sam Mendes.. really sweet movie, but kinda silly, if you are expecting a baby I guess its the best..
Also the new Cohen-brothers was AMAZING!
Would really like to see the Ulrich Seidl-Don't really know his works..

outi dijo...

we were also watching some Herzog films lately. he has made quite special movies, i like;)

MODsquad dijo...

Oh, I have to watch the first one just to catch that scene from the photo you posted! Love it! You can never go wrong with Woody Allen either!

Haven't seen anything lately worth writing home about. The quirky the better for me!

kinako dijo...

haha, the first image is great! i want to check this one out!