jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009

One year ago: Malmö

Nuestra última escala en Suecia.
Our last stop in Sweden.

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jane dijo...

I swear Epe I love how you take the ordinary and make it beautiful.:)

outi dijo...

i really like that first photo filled with bikes, and the kids playing under the rainbow.. really nice photos Epe:)

nathalie et cetera dijo...

i've read many Henning Mankell books but i think it's the first time I see images of Malmö. I'm happy you posted these. Love the bikes photo!

●• Tiny Red dijo...

preciosas las fotos!
buen fin de semana!!!! :::)

epe dijo...
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epe dijo...

Jane: i really appreciate your words, makes me happy!
outi: i´m glad that you like these pictures! thank you for your comment!
nathalie: what's your favourite Mankell book?
Thereza: gracias por el comentario y buen fin de semana para ti también!