domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009

One year ago: Brussels (I part)

One of my favorite rides was "the comic strip route". I recommend it very much!

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Jenna dijo...

mmm, pretty. loving the light in the fruit picture. :)

n a t s u m i dijo...

I would live to visit this park ! I love the mix of different flowers! very colorful and pretty!

parisa mahmoudi dijo...

Hi there! :)
Me too!I like the comic strip so much!Is it a painting on the wall?!it is sooo elegant and with lots of details!Great!
I like the second shot,too!So colorful and bright!Lovely! :)

cabin + cub dijo...

I like the Asterix mural... so cute!
Brussles is nice.. I have only been there once.

Ian dijo...

Tintin, I'm in.